Thoughts are Thoughts

We are never stuck with our thoughts, they’re thoughts, not reality. As we have a thought, it’s our job to monitor that thought and accept or deny it. Ask, “Is it true?” It may just be mind chatter that’s merely reminding us of a habit. It’s like smoking. The mind is trying to keep a smoker smoking. They consider themselves smokers, and smokers smoke. As soon as they identify themselves as a non-smoker, they’ll stop. They might get the reminder to smoke, but immediately think, “Oh, I’m not a smoker … I have a choice here and I’ll pass.”

We perpetuate habitual thinking by allowing it to be there. We are allowing them to stay there, is the point. We are the ones who are doing the allowing, but it’s by our choice and with our permission. It’s so easy to be unconscious and just let those thoughts “happen”, but we don’t have to. We can pay attention to our thoughts and just say, “Thanks for the reminder, but I’m not going that way this time”.  It IS that easy. We just think we have to take action on all our thoughts, but we don’t. They’re just thoughts. They have no inherent volition on their own. They can’t make us do anything. If my mind tells me to jump off a bridge, do I have to do it?

Affirmation: I think what I want.

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