The truth.

What is the truth? I think it’s that we are all success beings put here to operate as individual expressions of life. We come in as babies as pure, uncontaminated beings. As we grow, it’s easy for us to forget how innocent we were. The truth is, we’re beautiful, loving, curious, accepting, healthy, happy beings anxious to learn, grow and explore.

Why do we sometimes feel like we’ve lost our way? Because we get sucked into the beliefs of others, the mind, the ego or the news media. It’s easy to read a newspaper headline and believe the economy is bad, but there are more businesses doing extremely well than the ones that are not. There are more people affording their homes than loosing them. There are far more success examples than ones of failure.

We forget that most all media has an agenda – to succeed and make money. Some have political agendas, but that’s another story. News media is constantly competing to get readers, listeners or viewers. How do they do this? By getting our attention, making each story more sensational than the next. By focusing on the negative side of life – murders, bad economies, disasters, problems, difficulties. We know that good news doesn’t sell. The point is, we can believe the media’s examples, or stand fast in our own knowing that there are always exceptions to every rule.

I like to search out examples that dispel the negative things we hear. Most people agree that artists are never successful until after they die. What about Picasso? Shattering beliefs is fun and easy. Looking for the exception helps us remember the truth. A tree growing between two rocks illustrates the ability for a life form to succeed against all odds. All we need is one example, which illustrates the truth and then we can apply it to ourselves. The truth can and will set us free. Let’s look for it and use it as the foundation from which to live.

Affirmation: I stay focused on the truth.

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