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After watching Life on the D-List with Kathy Griffin, I think I see why she’s on the D-List. Yes, she’s funny and much more well known then me, but there’s a kind of grasping quality to get free things and be known. I have this hunch that we all have a self esteem level, but I’m not sure where it comes from exactly. Some people like Madonna have very high esteem. Homeless people typically have low self esteem. Is this a determining factor in our outcome in life … if we have or don’t have? If we excel or not? I see me, my friends and cohorts with a level of esteem that seems relatively close to each other’s. Do we group ourselves generally with people of a like level? Would I feel comfortable with Madonna’s friends? Probably not. Would she enjoy hanging out with my friends? Maybe … but my guess is, not for long. Oh one or two friends could be entertaining, but generally, she’d and we’d feel more “comfortable” with our own level. Yes, we say we would or could mingle with other groups, but my guess is too far up or to down and the comfort level changes … for both sides.

Back to Kathy Griffin … she wants a lot of things for free and has no trouble proving why it makes sense for people to give her things … publicity, usually. Yes, she does fun raisers, but has to plead with people to show up. I’m curious to know if Madonna pleads for free things or do the gifts just flow. Is she like a magnet to get thins without asking? Probably.

OK, now to the extreme … what about us vs. homeless? Wealthy people look at me and see me as poor. Poor people see me as rich.

Can I change my level of esteem to improve my situation, home, car, travel destinations, possessions? If I could, would I be happier? Probably not. So, if there was a way to help homeless people improve, would that be a good thing? As sad as it is to see them struggle with their lives, what about me. By wealthy people’s definitions, is it sad to see me struggle with my life?

Are we all struggling? Can we improve? What determines improved? Is improved better? Then what? Does better or more equal happiness? I don’t think so.

What’s the point? I’m not sure.

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What about the homeless?

We have a real problem here in San Francisco with homeless people. While most people feel sorry for them, I’ve also seen stories that lead me to think that most are “working the system” or just on drugs and wasting the money they get from hand-outs. John Stossel, on 20/20 had an episode that I saw air twice. It was amazing … the stories and facts they uncovered. He said that a person with a good spot could earn the equivalent of $30,000 a year …. because it’s all tax free income.

I believe that the problem is not related to money, it’s related to thinking. Unfortunately, many, I’m sure, were abused or had circumstances that headed them onto a path that was very challenging. I’m sure that many feel the whole world is against them. From what I’ve learned in the past, I think attiudes can change and “positive thinking” can have a result, but it seems that many people need to kind of think their way to the starting point and it’s often too big a stretch; so it just never happens. I suppose it’s like seeing the world through dirty glasses. It sounds so easy to just remove the glasses, but if you don’t realize that’s an option, you feel stuck with the vision of the world that you have. The result proves that you’re right and somehow becomse a sort of self-fulling profacy.

Are the homeless any different, really, than anyone else. I’d like to live like Madonna or Oprah, but my glasses won’t allow me to see as they do; so I’m a bit stuck in my world.

What’s the way out? Or is it unimportant to see or know there is a way out? And if so, from what into what? Maybe it’s jues a perspective and we’re just experiencing what we experience until we don’t experience it any more; then we move on.

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