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How The Enneagram Can Help Relationships

The Enneagram is a personality profiling system that’s actually much deeper than it appears. Most people start by thinking of it as a step above a parlor game. It’s been around since the Suffis; then two sisters took it mainstream and called it Meyers-Briggs, which is still used by many corporations to help establish better working relationships.

It’s fun to learn and it’s a great way to get a glimpse of a person and what’s behind the things they do, say, and react to. It’s not “airy fairy” (not that fairy is a bad thing ).

Helen Palmer teaches it at UC Berkeley and wrote my personal favorite book on the topic, The Enneagram in Love and Work. It’ll help you figure out your type, which is fast and simple. Then she has “pairings” of two types; so you can discover a little more about the energy between you and another person … in advance of that first meeting at Starbucks for coffee. Or it’s very helpful for other relationships … work and friendships.

More on this later. It’s a deeply spiritual topic too because it also helps us discover our addictions, which leads to “holy war work”. Don’t let this scare you away. It’s fun and a simple system that’s helped me A LOT with a variety of relationships.

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