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Difficult or Abusive Relationships

This is based on some spiritual truths I believe. I’m not a therapist and do not condone abuse, but these ideas may help clear the way to something better …

- There are no victims.
- Everyone creates their own experience … based on a variety of things … beliefs, fears, doubts, clarity, certainty, goals, and even idle thoughts (which aren’t really idle … like people who read a lot of tabloids, watch tabloid TV, etc … they’ll have more of a slant toward a tabloid life … remember what goes in must come out … our minds are like tape recorders and those things all effect the outcome of our lives)
- There two sides to every story.
- Each person in a relationship has needs that must be met. It’s why they’re in the relationship.
- We’re here to learn … by choice or pressure … it’s our choice.
- As soon as we admit that we are *cause* to our own experience; then we are instantly free to cause or create by our choosing, rather than just taking what “luck” or ? throws our way.
- We’re never alone (only the ego wants us to think that and usually runs 90% of what we do, say, how we react, and what happens to us). God/energy/intelligence/(or whatever you want to call it/her/him) is ALWAYS with us … waiting for the clarity to give us what we want (or fear or feel we deserve, or, or or … it’s our choice. Whatever that tape recorder hears the most is going to influence the outcome). If we think we’re stupid, life will provide us with examples that will prove we’re right about it.
- If someone is in an abusive relationship, they somehow (and this is a hard one to accept) need to be abused … maybe it’s what they feel they deserve, maybe it’s the only way they get attention, maybe, maybe, maybe … and usually, these are very deep issues that can’t be easily explained or surfaced. Somewhere on both sides there are needs that must be met. If they leave that relationship, they’ll get into another one … until one or both learns or thinks their way out of it.

I hope this helps.


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