Race thinking and the stock market

How could the thinking of large numbers of people effect the stock market? If you believe that what we think influences our experience of life; then it’s not too large a leap to see how the thinking of large groups of people can effect many parts of life. I’ve heard it called race thinking.

Try this on: Back in the dot bomb days, I recall hearing people saying things like “this can’t last forever”. That’s a reflection of a belief. I heard people say it, I read it in the local newspaper, I saw it on TV, it became jokes on late night TV, it started changing the beliefs of many, many people.

When this starts to happen, what do many people do? Sell their stocks. They believe it’s true; so they do what they can to save themselves from loosing. Others sell, and the momentum starts and soon, it’s like a slow burning fire and then it’s like a panic and the physical results have taken hold. The market starts to weaken and soon starts to go down. The beliefs have now become reality.

It happens with real estate values and other markets that are driven by what people believe.

I think it’s happened with hate and violence too. We’ve been encouraged to think that the world is filled with people wanting to kill everyone in the free world. Yes, it’s true that there are some nasty people in the world, but we’ve suddenly changed our beliefs of trusting others, which isn’t good. It’s starting to create more of the same, including war and hatred world wide.

I’ve also noticed how many people are now grouping together by race, religion, and other common bondings. I recall the 60′s when people were doing things to accept and appreciate others. Now we’ve entered an age where people of like thinking stick together.

Religions are also digging their heels in and believeing their religion is the only one that’s right? I was taught that all religions are right … for the people involved in it.

What if there was a way to start race thinking toward acceptance of all religions, all races, all groups, all people and idea. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all see how each person has something to contribute and we’re all a piece in a giant puzzle that will help tell the story of why we’re here and what we’re supposed to be doing?

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