One thing at a time.

Sometimes we get caught-up with the thinking of others, the media, or race thinking in general. Then we start to worry. What is worry? Focused thinking about something that hasn’t happened yet. We don’t consciously decide to worry, but we can slip into it without realizing it. It just seems to happen. Our best escape from worry is to focus on the moment, whatever it is. When we’re walking, we should really get into walking. When we’re reading, feel the words jump off the page. Do everything with 100% focus, and worry has no way of entering the scene. Worry never helps. It never solves anything; so it’s best to just let go of it altogether. It’s better to focus on the now and handle the next thing … one stet at a time. We somtimes think things could be better, but they are what they are. We can compare ourselves to people who have more, but it will only make us unhappy, and i’t's not our reality anyway. A friend reminded me that if we have running water in our homes, we’re better off than 90% of the rest of the world. WOW! Stay grateful for what we have, and know that nothing is really worth worrying about. Maybe it’s best to just breathe, let go, and just stay in the moment … and feel good.

Affirmation: I stay in the now and handle one thing at a time.

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