The key is to participate in a flow of money in, as well as money out. We usually have no problem with the out part. Spending money often seems to be so easy. And generally, we don’t always LOVE earning it, which is a tip of the iceberg issue. Accepting money and/or being willing to earn it is often another area we might wrestle with. This creates an imbalance, which isn’t a true “flow”. When we spend, we should remember, we’re circulating money that goes to many people and touches many lives; so they can participate in the flow too. Spending can be good and helpful to others. Over spending isn’t balanced, and may not work long term. Receiving money is just as important. If we resist accepting money though careless thinking, self rejection or other attitudes that may not be true, we are out of balance again. When we give, we create a space to receive. When we gratefully accept our good in the form of money, we have more to circulate. This may sound odd, but liken it to the oxygen mask announcement on airplanes, “Put the mask over your face before helping others.” Do the same with money. When you accept money and know you won’t abuse it, you’ll be stronger and more able to participate in the flow that nurtures everyone, and allows them to participate too. Everyone wins.

Affirmation: Money is forever circulating freely in my life.

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