How to cure a headache naturally.

This is a very simple process that’s based on not resisting what’s going on, but rather, embracing it. It also works for other pains.

First, sit quietly where you won’t be interrupted.

Breathe in … then exhale completely and repeat a few times.

Start by quietly being in the moment … feel the chair, feel the air on your face, count all the things you feel … slowly and quietly to yourself. Go through all the senses and just notice what you are experiencing. This will focus you on the now … and what’s going on with you … and what you’re experiencing now. Be with it.

Take time to be here here (wherever you are) and feel that too. Visualize yourself from above, looking at yourself sitting quietly in the chair. You can move your point of view above the city you’re in and look at yourself from there … and from above the state you live in and further out into space, looking down on the earth, then come back to your body. Just be in the here … the hear and the now … hear where you are, now.

Next, observe your headache and ask yourself the following questions, one at a time and LISTEN to your answer. Don’t push, just listen. Observe and ask.

- If you could give your headache a color, what color would it be?
- PAUSE and wait to hear the answer.
- What shape is it now?
- Pause and wait to hear the answer.
- If it could hold water, how much water could it hold now?
- Pause and wait to hear the answer.
- Are you willing to have it totally disappear without knowing where it went or why?
- Pause and wait to hear the answer.

Keep repeating these questions and notice how the answers change.

The whole thing usually takes only a few minutes.

After it disappears, try to bring it back. If it comes, repeat the whole process again. I’ve never had someone bring it back, but I thought I’d just leave the door opened to that possibility. After all, we’re not trying to manipulate thought, merely observe it.

Observation heals.

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