Gay or Straight? We’re all Bisexual!

I totally agree with a therapist I knew, who said that everyone is bisexual. I was taken aback at first, because I always thought there were three sides to that coin – straight, gay/lesbian, or bisexual.

His logic was sound and now I totally agree. Here it is explained at a high level; so just hold it as a possibility and then go out into the world and prove it for yourself.

Let’s take a man who is “straight”, but notices what great shape a soccer player is in. He notices how buff he looks and how cool that kicking pose is on the cover of that issue of Men’s Health. He really admires that player and has thoughts of being friends and kind of showing him off to his buddies as his new best friend. Is he gay? No. But, there’s a tiny part of him that experiences a slight attraction.

OK, this is a modest example, but in order to be 100% straight, he can *never* have one single thought about anything remotely related to admiration of another man in any way, shape or form.

What about a guy who get’s drunk at a college party and ends up having sex with another guy. Just once. It felt great, but it just didn’t feel like something he’d do again. It worked that once, but he know it was just a test and just didn’t feel that attraction ever again. Is he gay? I don’t think so.

There are varying degrees of homosexuality. If you use a gauage that has zero on one end of the spectrum and 100% on the other, I believe that everyone, at one time in their life, has had, at a minimum, a curiosity. Having that curiosity, in my mind, takes them out of the 100% straight category and puts then into the bisexual side. Not going right to 100% gay, or even 50%, which might be considered totally in the middle. I’d say it might be more like 1% or 2% gay. The point is, they’re no longer 0% gay (or conversley 100% straight).

Don’t get me wrong. I know they’re not technically considered bisexual, as if they’re 50/50 or in the middle. It’s just that they’re not 100% straight.

I think if people take a very honest look at their thoughts, everyone has done something to take them out of the 100% straight category. Think long and hard before concluding this one.

On the other side, there are gay men (or lesbian women) who thing they’re 100% gay or lesbian. Wrong again. If they had one single thought about the opposite sex, they’re pulled off their 100% and into the bi realm too.

If, this is, in fact true, wouldn’t it make sense to just stop judging people because they’re percentage is different than yours? In my book, it makes us all so similar, it’s kind of an eye opener.

Interesting huh?

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