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Be Yourself

We sometimes fall into a habbit of trying to “fit in” and often it’s better to just let our true inner selves emerge. Being original isn’t always easy, but we can use examples of others who do, as a reminder that it’s safe and often fun to just let go and be who we are.As you read the affirmation, feel the words, REALLY feel them. Know that it is done NOW, in mind.As we believe, we experience. Our beliefs are powerful and the goal is to remind ourselves of the truth. This affirmation is the truth.Memorize your affirmation and say it often. The more you say it with feeling, the sooner it will be accepted and lived.Enjoy the process and expect results … you will have them.

Affirmation: I let the real me shine.

Almost Divine

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It’s so easy to forget how much we really have. Once I was complaining to a friend about all kinds of things … mostly about how things didn’t seem to be going well. She reminded me that I had 2 arms, 2 legs, my vision, my hearing and spoke a foreign language. I didn’t understand the foreign language part. She said, “English. To many, it’s a foreign language.” The point is, some people are deaf, blind or paralyzed. We’re not. Sure, we can always use more money or loose a few pounds, but the truth is, we have more than most and it’s worth focusing on what’s going right then what’s going wrong. It’s not about ignoring the business at hand. Ask for a solution, take a step toward that solution; then re-focus on being grateful. I’ve mentioned before that if you have running water in your home, you’re better off then 90% of the world. It seems impossible, but it’s true.

I’m constantly amazed at how some of the wealthiest people I know are constantly saying things like, “We’re so fortunate, or I’m so thankful that _____, or some form of appreciation. The more we keep our thoughts on the side of gratitude, the world seems to give us more to be grateful for. Like brings like. Things fall into place faster, easier and in a better way. Try repeating the affirmation 200 – 300 times in the next 24 hours and see if anything is different? It can’t hurt, and it’s free and easy. You’ve got nothing to loose.

Affirmation: I am grateful for all that I have.

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The mind has trouble with this one big time. The world seems to be going faster and faster with the demands of each day continuing to give us the feeling that things are stacking up, and we’ll never get caught up. We have more time-saving devices today than ever before; so why don’t we have more time? I think it’s because we all know how fast things can be done; so we try to do more and also expect faster results from others. I think it’s habit and ego. The ego says, “I can get all these things done today”, and then we make a list that’s way too long. We egotistically think we can do more than we can; so we over plan. The habit is the addiction to staying busy. Whenever we have a free minute to breathe and re-group, we check email instead, or text someone, or make a call. What’s wrong with just stopping all activities and just observe what’s going on around us? It’s simple, it’s free and easy on the environment. We all have 24 hours every day; so it’s great to choose to be busy … or not. The truth is, we do have plenty of time.

Affirmation: I have plenty of time.

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Good Things

It’s so easy to judge by appearances. We often think that all that’s happening is that which we are experiencing at the moment, but there are many more things happening in our experience, but not at a level that we always are aware of. As an example, when we think of our money, we generally think about the money we know about now – in our pocket, checking account, savings, retirement, piggy bank, etc. BUT, what about things we don’t know about – things that are in the process of coming our way, but haven’t been discovered by us yet?

Let’s say you did something nice for someone while on vacation and they decided to send you a big check as a thank you. Or, perhaps you have some unexpected money coming to you in the form of a refund, a rebate, a tax refund, a gift check, or something you’ve earned in some way, but don’t know about it yet? What about a gift of money from someone or an old debt you forgot about? There are endless places though which money can flow into our lives, but we often close the door with our thinking by saying, “It’s not possible”, “Things like that happen to others, but not me”, or “I’m never lucky”. It’s easy to think negatively, but it can also be easy to think positively. The goal isn’t to fight positive or negative ideas, but it IS about leaving the door opened to the possibility of something good happening, rather than closing the door and claiming it can’t happen. There’s a subtle difference and it’s more about knowing that things are happening to us all the time and we can certainly be opened to the possibility of those things being good, rather than expecting something bad to happen. Sound good?

Affirmation: Good things are happening to me right now.

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Free Thinking

A friend used to say, “It’s your mind, you can think what you want.” It’s true, but we can easily forget that. Do our thoughts choose us? Or do we choose our thoughts? I know it’s easy to be doing something and all of a sudden notice you’ve been thinking of a financial worry or a possible impending doom, related to something in the future. You might be doing it now. If so, go back and re-read this and slow down and take it in completely … deeply.

1. The future isn’t here yet; so it’s pointless to spend any time thinking about what might happen. It’s not here yet; so it’s not real.
2. The past is dead; so there’s no point in thinking about that. It’s too late; so why spend time on it. it’s over, done, complete.
2. The ONLY reality is the now. That means that as I write this, I need to focus wholly on writing this, and nothing else. If I’m half worried about something else, I won’t be able to do a good job on writing this. Right?

We often allow our selves to absorb ourselves in past guilt or future worry about finances or whatever. None of it is reality based. I know you may need to make a decision about something, but not over and over and over. Make the decision, and move forward, but LIVE in the now. It seems like you’re shirking your duty to worry or feel guilty, but if you can just stop and think this over, you’ll see the irony in it and just stop. Everyone has worries, but not everyone deals with them in the same way. What if you had no food for tomorrow. “Well, it’s not that bad”, you say. For some people it is. I’ve seen people who didn’t have food for tomorrow, and they somehow manage to look on the bright side of things and make it. Focus on what you have. Focus on the gratitude for the life you have and be glad things aren’t worse than they are, because they very well could be. I believe that the more attention you put onto something, the more real you make it; so why not focus now on what you choose … and keep choosing it over things that happened and the past. Be free to choose your thoughts. It’s free too!

Affirmation: I am now free to think what I choose.

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One thing at a time.

Sometimes we get caught-up with the thinking of others, the media, or race thinking in general. Then we start to worry. What is worry? Focused thinking about something that hasn’t happened yet. We don’t consciously decide to worry, but we can slip into it without realizing it. It just seems to happen. Our best escape from worry is to focus on the moment, whatever it is. When we’re walking, we should really get into walking. When we’re reading, feel the words jump off the page. Do everything with 100% focus, and worry has no way of entering the scene. Worry never helps. It never solves anything; so it’s best to just let go of it altogether. It’s better to focus on the now and handle the next thing … one stet at a time. We somtimes think things could be better, but they are what they are. We can compare ourselves to people who have more, but it will only make us unhappy, and i’t's not our reality anyway. A friend reminded me that if we have running water in our homes, we’re better off than 90% of the rest of the world. WOW! Stay grateful for what we have, and know that nothing is really worth worrying about. Maybe it’s best to just breathe, let go, and just stay in the moment … and feel good.

Affirmation: I stay in the now and handle one thing at a time.

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Everything is working out just fine.

Sometimes it appears that things aren’t going well, but usually we can’t see the whole picture. If a person loses a job today, they may feel BAD – like it’s the end of the world. But, if it leads to a better job, they can look back and say it was GOOD – the best thing that could have happened. The same goes with many other things in life – relationships, projects, homes, and on and on. The problem is, we judge the moment and don’t wait long enough for the new to take place. The way to feel better instantly, is to remember that things are happening at many levels – most of which we can’t see … yet. Things are always happening, and many are things that could easily balance out our feelings of dispare, lack, limitation, poverty, etc. The key is to not judge and put a “wet blanket” on what could easily turn out to be a miracle. Best to stay in the moment and see what happens?

Affirmation: I know everything is working out just fine.

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Getting stronger

We often forget that we’re constantly learning and growing. Both of these give us confidence, which makes us stronger. Every time we learn something, our ignorance of it is replaced with new knowledge of it. Knowledge IS confidence. That’s all confidence is. The best musician, athlete, or scientist has the most experience at what they do. This experience gives them confidence. It’s very simple. We’re now able to see clearly that we grow every day, which builds our confidence every day too. To prove it, just look back a few years and ask if you felt more confident then, or now? Breathe and bask in the knowing that you’re on track and growing every day.

Affirmation: I’m stronger … and more confident then ever before.

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Worry is thinking of what might or might not happen … in the future. It’s clearly not here yet, but we often become infatuated with it anyway. This can’t be confused with clear planning, which is often important, but there is no need to continue this needless cycle of thinking we call worry. The past is dead, and the future isn’t here yet; so it’s far more productive to focus on right now. The truth is, we have nothing to worry about … ever.

Affirmation: I have nothing to worry about.


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Gay or Straight? We’re all Bisexual!

I totally agree with a therapist I knew, who said that everyone is bisexual. I was taken aback at first, because I always thought there were three sides to that coin – straight, gay/lesbian, or bisexual.

His logic was sound and now I totally agree. Here it is explained at a high level; so just hold it as a possibility and then go out into the world and prove it for yourself.

Let’s take a man who is “straight”, but notices what great shape a soccer player is in. He notices how buff he looks and how cool that kicking pose is on the cover of that issue of Men’s Health. He really admires that player and has thoughts of being friends and kind of showing him off to his buddies as his new best friend. Is he gay? No. But, there’s a tiny part of him that experiences a slight attraction.

OK, this is a modest example, but in order to be 100% straight, he can *never* have one single thought about anything remotely related to admiration of another man in any way, shape or form.

What about a guy who get’s drunk at a college party and ends up having sex with another guy. Just once. It felt great, but it just didn’t feel like something he’d do again. It worked that once, but he know it was just a test and just didn’t feel that attraction ever again. Is he gay? I don’t think so.

There are varying degrees of homosexuality. If you use a gauage that has zero on one end of the spectrum and 100% on the other, I believe that everyone, at one time in their life, has had, at a minimum, a curiosity. Having that curiosity, in my mind, takes them out of the 100% straight category and puts then into the bisexual side. Not going right to 100% gay, or even 50%, which might be considered totally in the middle. I’d say it might be more like 1% or 2% gay. The point is, they’re no longer 0% gay (or conversley 100% straight).

Don’t get me wrong. I know they’re not technically considered bisexual, as if they’re 50/50 or in the middle. It’s just that they’re not 100% straight.

I think if people take a very honest look at their thoughts, everyone has done something to take them out of the 100% straight category. Think long and hard before concluding this one.

On the other side, there are gay men (or lesbian women) who thing they’re 100% gay or lesbian. Wrong again. If they had one single thought about the opposite sex, they’re pulled off their 100% and into the bi realm too.

If, this is, in fact true, wouldn’t it make sense to just stop judging people because they’re percentage is different than yours? In my book, it makes us all so similar, it’s kind of an eye opener.

Interesting huh?

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